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      The exhibition, Twelve Jerseys: A Celebration of Family, Friends, and Hockey, has its foundation in my lifelong obsession with hockey. The aesthetics of sports were instrumental in my early interest in art and continues to this day. Throughout my life there have been many people who have played a crucial role in helping me develop a love for hockey. For this exhibition, I have created twelve fictional hockey teams that represent the persona of these influential people. Each team has been meticulously crafted to include team names, logos, fonts, colors, and designs, culminating in a handmade jersey that incorporates these details. The show’s setting at a Corpus Christi IceRays hockey game provides a unique opportunity for the viewer to fully experience the combination of hockey and art in the same way that the artist appreciates the game and the people who are vital to its existence. 

Click on team name to view jerseys and team info.