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     The Sheboygan Crowns are based on my brother, Shane Vandenburg. One thing that Shane and I have in common is our love for the Kansas City Royals baseball team. The vast majority of our conversations revolve around the organization, and we try to attend a game together every season. Shane and I have always been very close. Even though I often forced him to tag along with me wherever I was going, we have had some memorable times together. One of the first times we attended a Royals game we witnessed an inside the park home run and left with two dozen doughnuts for the Royals twelve hits that a game (the majority were unwisely eaten on the drive home). Most seasons ended in disappointment, but all of our years of cheering for a team of failure have made the 2014 World Series run that much more enjoyable. We hope there are many more seasons like this to come. The number 50 is for Shane’s high school football number.