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      The Rawlins Outlaws are based on my friend and professor, Ryan O’Malley. A native of Wyoming, Ryan is a member of the Outlaw Printmakers, a group of renowned international printmakers. My exposure to working in printmaking was minimal prior to attending graduate school, and I had been unsure about branching out into mediums other than paintings. However, from the first few prints that I created, I discovered how much I enjoy printmaking. In fact, it plays a very vital role in this exhibition considering it is how I produced the logos. As an undergrad, I had a bad experience trying to bring art and hockey together. Many years later, as part of a graduate group show, I reluctantly included a hockey themed piece. The overwhelmingly positive feedback that I received of it from Ryan has been instrumental in helping me to find the confidence to incorporate hockey into my artwork. The number 44 represents Wyoming, the 44th state of the United States.