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     The Delano Headbangers are based on my brother, Dylan Vittetoe. Dylan is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to heavy metal music. Although I do not necessarily share his taste, I respect the knowledge that he has ascertained on the subject. The primary logo is based on the same model of guitar as Kerry King, of one of his favorite bands, Slayer. The secondary logo is the musical notation of the opening guitar riff to Iron Man by Black Sabbath. Almost equal to his expertise of music is his knowledge of hockey. Like our dad, he is an avid fan of the St. Louis Blues and has made several trips over the years to watch them play. He also played goalie in our roller hockey league during middle school. He always wanted to back into it, especially after I started playing again, but it never materialized until recently. Having purchased a new set of equipment, I helped him play on ice for the first time. The occasion far exceeded my expectations, and hopefully it becomes a regular event. The number 85 is for his hockey number and year of birth.