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     The Albuquerque Crucibles are based on my friend, Al Johnson. Al is a fellow graduate student in the sculpture department. As one of several art students native to Illinois, naturally, he is a fan of Chicago sports teams. This includes their hockey team, the Chicago Blackhawks. My favorite team, the Boston Bruins, are in a separate conference, so the two do not meet up very often unless in the Stanley Cup Finals, which they did in 2013. Together, we watched our teams, going back and forth in what was probably the most intense series I have ever witnessed. Unfortunately the Bruins came up a little short, but the next time they meet up, the outcome will be much different. As someone who considers himself almost exclusively a two dimensional artist, I have not ventured far into the world of sculpture. However, at a school with such a large sculptural presence, I took the opportunity to experience pouring metal. With Al’s help, I was able to cast a Bruins jersey in aluminum. The number 26 is for the atomic number of iron, Al’s preferred metal.