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       The Affton Flares are based on my friend, Adam Bader. Shortly after receiving his degree in engineering from Oklahoma State University, Adam landed a job with the John Zink Company in Tulsa. He works with flares that burn off the waste products at petroleum refineries. Adam and I met our freshman year of college when we were two thirds of an initiation group into Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. As a native of the St. Louis suburb of Affton, Missouri, Adam is naturally a fan of all St. Louis sports teams, including the Blues. My transition from high school to college began with some difficulty, so having another hockey fan around helped make being on my own easier. As one of my closest friends and best man at my wedding, Adam has bailed me out of jams countless times over the years. One of my favorite memories is the day the Oklahoma State football team beat Nebraska for the first time in over forty years and we stormed the field to tear down the goalposts. The number 17 is for Adam’s high school soccer number.